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3M Speedglas 100 Welding Helmet with Hard Hat

  • Five user-selectable dark shades
  • Offers constant protection
  • 3 selectable sensitivity settings
Key Features
  • Constant Protection
  • Three selectable sensitivity settings: a normal setting used for most types of welding, a setting for other welders working nearby and a setting for low-current or stable arc welding
  • This is one of the lightest hard hats on the market
  • The Peltor G3000 Hard Hat is produced in high quality UV-stabilised ABS plastic
  • It meets European standard EN 307 with approved extra requirement for low temperature (-30°C)
  • Variable Shade Welding Filters (100V)
  • Single Shade Welding Filters
  • Selectable delay settings (100S -10/100S-11: 150ms / 200ms)
  • The Speedglas 100V filter has five user-selectable dark shades (8-12) and a light shade of 3
This 3M Speedglas 100 Welding Helmet, complete with hard hat, is the ideal auto-darkening welding helmet for hobby welders, farmers, DIY enthusiasts, and maintenance or construction workers who weld infrequently but can benefit from the ability to always clearly see with their welding protection in place.
More Information
Weight (Kg) 1.900000
Filter Viewing Area (mm) 44 x 93
Number of Sensors 2
Helmet Features Hard Hat, Small Viewing Area
Auto-Darkening Filter Speedglas 100
Standard/Air-Fed Standard
Helmet Series Speedglas 100 Series
Color Black
Helmet Battery Type ADF: Lithium 3V
Switching time (Light-Dark) (ms) 0.1
Switching time (Dark-Light) (ms) 40-250
UV/IR Protection Shade 12 (Permanent)
Light State Shade 3
Lens Shade 8-12
Safety Helmet Included‎‎‎ Yes
Side Windows‎ No
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